Primal Open Sources Its Entire Stack, Opens Android Alpha & Raises $1M

Primal has open sourced its entire stack, opened Android Alpha, and closed a funding round of $1M led by Ten31 and Hivemind Ventures.

Primal Open Sources Its Entire Stack, Opens Android Alpha & Raises $1M
  • "We're open sourcing the entire Primal stack. Effective immediately, when you go to, there [are] links there to all of our repositories," Primal CEO Miljan said on Citadel Dispatch show.
  • "It now includes the caching service, which we open sourced few weeks ago, the web app, which we open sourced few days ago, and now also the iOS app, the Android app, and the full Primal Server."
  • "This is the entirety of everything that we do - we open sourced all of our code so that people can stand up a service that's similar to Primal using the code that we opened up," the CEO added.

In addition, Android users can now try out Primal on their devices:

  • "As discussed with @ODELL on @Citadel Dispatch, we are happy to share the alpha preview release of the Primal Android app," Miljan wrote on Nostr.
"The first thing to note is that this is a very early build, limited to a read-only mode. In other words, you can browse and read Nostr content, but we don’t support posting nor any other actions yet. This is just a preview to give you a taste of what’s coming to Android," he added.
  • "From here we will continue to rapidly develop the Android app in the open, so stay tuned!"
  • "Our goal is to deliver the most compelling Nostr UX on all platforms and form-factors, and Android is an important piece of the puzzle."
  • "You can download the app APK, as well as the source code from the Primal download page."

Last but not least, Miljan also made another announcement on the show:

  • "Primal has closed a round of financing. We secured $1M from Ten31, Hivemind Ventures and a couple of angels to help us build premium UX on all platforms and form factors to bring us to as many people as possible."

Watch the full show here:

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