Bisq v1.9.12: Allow Cloning Offers

Bisq is a safe, private and decentralized bitcoin P2P exchange network.

Bisq v1.9.12: Allow Cloning Offers

Release notes

  • "Now, you can clone existing offers while sharing its maker fee and security deposit."
  • "The cloned offer can have a different price, payment method, currency, and trigger price. In this new release, Bisq starts quicker because light nodes don't process Burningman accounting statistics anymore. Further, dispute agents can resend PeerOpenedDisputeMessages to non-resposive peers."
  • "See for more details."


Bug fixes

Development & Documentation


  • "Starting with v1.9.0 you can use pre-built versions of the Bisq cli ( and Bisq daemon ( to use Bisq without touching the user interface."


Thanks to everyone who directly contributed to this release:

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