Plebbin: A Marketplace For Bitcoiners

Plebbin is a new peer-to-peer marketplace for Bitcoiners to list and sell goods and services to fellow Bitcoiners.

Plebbin: A Marketplace For Bitcoiners
  • Plebbin lets you post the following listings:
    - Selling/Buying: Get rid of your old jacket, car, toys etc.
    - Renting: Rent your vacation home/apartment and accept reservations through Plebbin.
    - Classes: Teach other people valuable skills or sports and use our reservation system to set up your hours.
    - Services: e.g. You're a barber shop and want to make appointments with your potential customers. So you use our reservation system to make it happen.
  • Can potential customers pay for services here? No. Plebbin only provides reservations which are free of charge. We never handle any money for either side. Please clear payment with the offerer/customer.
  • Do you offer an escrow service? No. Please refer to the rating of the user to make a judgement or meet in person.
  • So is Plebbin free to use? Yes. You don't need to pay anything to use our site, but you can only post 1 listing per 30 days and your profile will be marked with a "FREE" tag. To keep our site free of bots, we introduced Membership Groups so you can easily prove you're not a bot.

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