Payjoin Dev Kit (PDK): A Payjoin SDK

"Payjoin Development Kit (PDK) is a full and completely standalone Payjoin implementation with supporting modules enabling greater flexibility."

Payjoin Dev Kit (PDK): A Payjoin SDK
  • "PDK is focused on making Payjoin integrations easy, reliable, and making using it foolproof."
  • "You can support Payjoin without needing to worry about getting all of the Payjoin state machine, coin selection, and attack prevention code (and other privacy preserving details) exactly correct."
  • "PDK tends to be suitable for use cases where a degree of customization is desired, e.g. your own chain sync, your own key management and/or your own storage/backup logic."
  • "Bitcoin Core payjoin-cli extension serves as a complete reference sample for sending and receiving Payjoin with the PDK. This is a good starting point for a self-guided tour of the kit to make your first Payjoins from the command line."

Development priorities

  • A robust interface. "PDK aims to be a thoughtful, beautiful inteface with comprehensive error handling."
  • Serverless, asynchronous Payjoin. "Version 1 wallets can't receive Payjoin unless they are running, online, and hosting a public HTTP endpoint. We’re developing solutions to these requirements in conjunction with the Bitcoin developer community at large."
  • Language bindings. "For now we only support Rust, but bindings are an active area of development. Bindings are in the proof of concept stage and the approach (opens new window)is being defined in collaboration with BDK and LDK."
  • Design Guidance. "We want to make it as easy as possible for developers to go from the decision that they'll support payjoin to a production deployment, and that includes front end components and stories to make the experience seamless for users."

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