Blixt Wallet v0.6.8: Speedloader

Blixt Wallet is an open source Lightning Bitcoin Wallet for Android with focus on usability and user experience, powered by lnd and Neutrino SPV.

Blixt Wallet v0.6.8: Speedloader
  • "Blixt Wallet is back, and we have an important new feature called Speedloader!"
  • "Speedloader syncs the wallet's channel database ("channel graph") on startup. This is important for payment pathfinding and will make sure you have an up-to-date database."
  • "In previous versions of Blixt Wallet, the channel database would only sync with Lightning peers when the app is active (or when the background sync job runs on Android). This can be problematic as it may lead to missed channel updates, which in turn can result in more errors in pathfinding."
  • "Opt in to this new feature by enabling it in the settings under the Experimental category."
  • "Blixt Wallet 0.6.8 has better support for hodl invoices. On-going payments now show up as "pending" in the transaction log before they are eventually settled or cancelled. This should result in a better experience when using services like RoboSats."
  • "Blixt Wallet 0.6.8 introduces 0-conf channel support! Add pubkeys for nodes you would like to accept 0-conf channels from."
  • "Speedloader is open-source and can be used with a normal lnd instance. Primer is used for generating the channel db file. In a future Blixt version, we'll add the ability to choose endpoint for downloading the channel db file."

What's new


  • Added the ability to periodically sync Lightning channels (via Speedloader). Find the setting in the Experiments category.
  • Added basic hodl invoice support. Payments now show up as "pending" in the transaction log before they are settled or cleared out.
  • Added 0-conf channel support. Add pubkeys for nodes from which you would like to accept 0-conf channels. In the future, Dunder LSP may support 0-conf channels.
  • Added the ability to compact lnd's databases.
  • Fixed restore via channel backup file not working correctly
  • Added Toast notification and Debug Log screens
  • Updated lnd to 0.16.4


  • Fixed push notifications not working


  • Fixed a long-standing crash issue affecting some iPhone devices. The known devices are 5/5s/6/6s/7/X/XR. If you have experienced problems with Blixt Wallet crashing in the past, please try Blixt Wallet again with a fresh 0.6.8 instance.


  • Hampus Sjöberg
  • Kevin Cai
  • Nitesh Balusu
  • DarthCoin

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