OpenSats Distributes First Wave of Bitcoin Grants

OpenSats announced funding for over a dozen projects in the bitcoin and lightning ecosystem.

OpenSats Distributes First Wave of Bitcoin Grants
  • "We are delighted to announce grants for over a dozen projects in the bitcoin & lightning ecosystem," OpenSats wrote.

The following open-source projects were selected by the OpenSats board for funding:

  • Payjoin Dev Kit. "Payjoin Dev Kit makes it easy for wallet developers to integrate BIP 78 standard payjoins everywhere, having working reference integrations for Bitcoin Core, LND, and BDK."
  • Bolt12 for LND. "Bolt12 brings a new invoice format, enabling static invoices (offers) as well as recurring payments. It adds support to receive payments in a lightning-native way without using a web server. It also uses Blinded Paths to disguise the destination of a node..."
  • Splicing. "Splicing is the ability to resize Lightning channels on-the-fly, giving users of the Lightning Network many additional benefits that were not intuitively obvious at first."
  • Raspiblitz. "Raspiblitz is a do-it-yourself node stack that allows you to run a Lightning Node together with a Bitcoin Core full node on your Raspberry Pi."
  • Labelbase. "Labelbase is a label management service for Bitcoin transactions and addresses. Labelbase supports BIP-329, a format for unifying label data. The goal of the project is to offer a convenient solution for managing labels associated with Bitcoin transactions and addresses across wallets and other tools."
  • BTCPay Server. "BTCPay Server is a free, open-source & self-hosted bitcoin payment gateway that allows self-sovereign individuals and businesses to accept bitcoin payments online or in person without added fees."
  • ZeroSync. "While ZeroSync is still at an early stage, its promise is to allow verification of Bitcoin's chain state in an instant."
  • Mutiny Wallet. "Mutiny Wallet is a web-first wallet capable of running anywhere, providing instant onboarding and platform censorship resistance. It is self-custodial, privacy-focused, user-friendly, and open-sourced under the MIT license."
  • next-auth Lightning Provider. "The goal of this project is to implement an authentication provider for next-auth, an authentication provider for the popular open-source framework NextJS."
  • Cashu. "Cashu is a Chaumian ecash system built for bitcoin that brings near-perfect privacy for users of custodial bitcoin applications. A Cashu ecash mint does not know who you are, what your balance is, or who you're transacting with."
  • lnproxy. "lnproxy is a simple privacy tool that empowers users of custodial Lightning wallets with better payment destination privacy and sovereign node runners with enhanced receiver privacy."
  • Blixt Wallet. "Blixt is a non-custodial wallet for bitcoiners who want to give Lightning a try. It runs on Android, iOS, and macOS."

In addition to the software projects listed above, three educational initiatives were selected for funding:

  • "Bitcoin Education in Nigeria is an initiative started and led by Apata Johnson. Apata's project aims to educate youths on bitcoin and the opportunities it brings for the people living in the rural areas of Nigeria."
  • "21 Ideas is a project that aims to bring quality Bitcoin education to Russian citizens."
  • " is organizing recurring developer events, which are all about bringing devs together so that they can hack on Bitcoin Core and related software."

"We will announce additional grants as applications pass our grant selection process," OpenSats added.

  • "Grants for the projects above are funded by contributions to the Bitcoin General Fund. Our operations as well as our grant programs are made possible by generous donors like you. If you want to help fund the Bitcoin ecosystem, please donate to the Bitcoin General Fund."
  • "If you are working on an open-source project in and around bitcoin, and you think your work is aligned with the OpenSats mission, please apply for funding."

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