Nucleus: Capital-efficient Multipeer Lightning Payments

Nucleus is a draft proposal for Lightning multipeer payment channels which provides better capital efficiency (no inbound liquidity is required) and liveness. It also doesn't rely on a penalty mechanism and doesn't require the use of atomic swaps and routed payments for scaling.

Nucleus: Capital-efficient Multipeer Lightning Payments
  • "Lightning payment channels are the only solution for blockchain scalability problem available for existing UTXO-based P2P networks which doesn’t require consensus-breaking changes."
  • "Still, existing forms of payment channels are capital-inefficient and put high availability requirements on the participants, which reduces system utility and adoption."
  • "The current work proposes a new form of Lightning channels (named "Nucleus"), which can be created and run by multiple participants making their liquidity fully available inside a multipeer channel."
  • "This significantly increases capital efficiency, improves liveness and doesn’t require the creation or participation in an atomic swap routing network (Lightning network)."
  • "The solution can operate on top of any UTXO-based blockchain equipped with N-of-M threshold signature scheme(s) and timelocks, without introducing new consensus-level requirements of script operational codes."

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