Noones: P2P Trading Platform For Global South

"Our mission is to unleash the true power of the Global South, allow money to flow freely, and end economic apartheid, all using Bitcoin."

Noones: P2P Trading Platform For Global South
  • "Noones is a financial communication super app that brings empowerment by connecting people to the global conversation (chat) and the world’s financial system (payments)."
  • The product is made up of three main components: an encrypted messenger, a peer-to-peer marketplace, and a digital wallet.
  • "The digital crypto wallet acts as a store of value and will offer the least expensive bitcoin transmission in the world as well as inexpensive swaps and Bitcoin Lightning support in the coming weeks."
  • "The founding team of Noones is made up of Nicholas Gregory, CEO of CommerceBlock, Yusuf Nessary, co-founder of the Built With Bitcoin Foundation, and Bernard Parah, CEO and co-founder of Bitnob."
  • "Noones is registered out of Europe and the United Arab Emirates. For KYC, the trade/send-outs volume threshold is $700 a day. Users will be alerted when they reach this limit. We will also be building local AML programs based on global licensing strategies—and will have the standard AML checks, fraud protection, and sanction checks."
  • "Noones’ is not available for users in the United States or any other country on their blocked countries list due to regulatory restrictions."

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