Nirvati: FOSS Server Management Solution

Citadel node creator Aaron Dewes announced his latest FOSS project.

Nirvati: FOSS Server Management Solution
  • "The main goal of Nirvati is to fix mistakes I made in Citadel, and to bring the abilities of Citadel to a larger group of users."
  • "Citadel 0.3.0 will be powered by Nirvati. It will be a 100% FOSS personal Bitcoin node, and extend Nirvati for Bitcoiners."
  • "It will be 100% FOSS without any code with Umbrel's license, including a completely new UI (comment from Telegram group)."
  • "It offers a modular base system projects like Citadel can build on. It currently handles these features:
    - User management (Nirvati is built to support multiple users)
    - App management
    - Container management
    - HTTPS for apps
  • "With Nirvati, we have a much more lightweight core project. A majority of features are a lot simpler to implement with this new architecture."
  • "We’ll launch this update soon. An app to get your node ready for beta-testing will also be provided through the Citadel app store soon."
  • "Nirvati will also offer a few completely free services that are 100% funded by donations from our users. This will mostly focus on node remote access and security, and will be very similar to what Citadel currently offers with and"

GitLab Repo