Nodeyez v23.08: Bitcoin Fee Estimates, LND Messages

Nodeyez is a project that contains a variety of python scripts to produce images and display panels based on your Bitcoin Node.

Nodeyez v23.08: Bitcoin Fee Estimates, LND Messages

What's new

New Panels and Enhancements

  • Difficulty Epoch panel enhanced for pruned node support to estimate times.
  • OP_RETURN panel now has more exclusion patterns by default.
  • New Panel: Fee Estimates for graphing Bitcoin Fee Estimates.
  • New Panel: LND Messages to display those received in invoices and keysends.


  • New utility script scaffolding new panel using templates.
  • New helper functions for top and bottom anchored text.
  • New helper functions for wrapping text to a width and calculating multiline text height.


  • Fixed logic in removeOldImages. Prior to this release it would remove all files of the given type (default png) from the directory from run.

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