MyNode v0.3.23: Software Updates & Fixes

MyNode is a free and open source Bitcoin and Lightning node and management interface aimed at uptime, reliability and ease-of-use.

MyNode v0.3.23: Software Updates & Fixes
  • "MyNode v0.3.23 is out now! Upgrade for a better, faster, and stronger node experience."

What's new

  • Upgrade Bitcoin to v25.1
  • Upgrade LND to v0.17.0
  • Upgrade LiT to v0.12.0
  • Upgrade Loop to v0.26.5
  • Upgrade LNBits to v0.11.1
  • Upgrade RTL to v0.14.1
  • Upgrade Joininbox to v0.8.1
  • Upgrade JAM to v0.1.6
  • Minor Fixes
  • v0.3.23: Fix issue determining LND status

Read the full changelog here.

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