Geyser Is Migrating to Nostr

"Every Geyser project now gets a unique Nostr identity (NPUB) - a big leap for the Open Creator Economy," announced the project.

Geyser Is Migrating to Nostr
  • "Your Geyser project lives on Nostr, regardless of whether you're logging in via Nostr or Twitter. This means broader visibility and more engagement for your content on Nostr platforms!"
  • "Aligning with Nostr opens doors to exciting features: Nostr Posts, replies, polls, hidden posts... Imagine Patreon, but with content flowing seamlessly across the Nostrverse."

What's new

  • Cross-Platform Freedom. "Now creators can share content freely across platforms, reaching wider audiences. Stay tuned for more exciting content features!"
  • Stronger Connections. Leveraging Nostr's open social graph, Geyser will enhance cross-platform follows, home page curation based on your Nostr network and seamless activity sync between Geyser and Nostr.
  • Trust & Transparency. "Nostr's open graph helps mitigate scams and impersonation. Plus, a creator's reputation on Geyser now carries over across Nostr – fostering a more trustworthy environment for the donation economy."
  • Data Ownership. "With the ability to export your NSEC using a Private Key Kit, creators maintain control and mobility across Nostr clients, reinforcing our commitment to creator autonomy and censorship resistance. More on this soon."

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