Mutiny Wallet v0.5.7: Payjoin Support, NWC Improvements

Mutiny is an open-source, non-custodial bitcoin and Lightning wallet for the web and Android.

Mutiny Wallet v0.5.7: Payjoin Support, NWC Improvements
  • "We've released Mutiny version v0.5.7 which includes two notable changes."
  • "Payjoin v1 support has been added. Huge credit to bitgould over the last few months, for the improvements to the PDK library and getting it included into Mutiny! Thanks to Ben Allen too for testing."
"We're really excited about the privacy gains here and for future improvements such as Payjoin v2. This should allow asynchronous payjoins, making it possible for a mobile user to payjoin with another mobile user."
  • "We've also made some underlying changes to how NWC works in Mutiny. We've switched over all new connections to use our new strfry based relay instead of using the Blastr. This should greatly improve performance and speed, in addition to being able to better support consumer apps."
"You may continue using your existing NWC connections, but for better reliability, you can delete existing wallet connections to recreate them on the new relay."
  • "In the coming months, we should have a load of new nostr related features as well. Stay tuned!"

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