Damus v1.7.2: New Full-text Search Engine & Other Improvements

Damus is a twitter-like nostr client for iPhone, iPad and MacOS.

Damus v1.7.2: New Full-text Search Engine & Other Improvements

What's new


  • New fulltext search engine (William Casarin)
  • Add "Always show onboarding suggestions" developer setting (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Add NIP-42 relay auth support (Charlie Fish)
  • Add ability to hide suggested hashtags (ericholguin)
  • Add ability to mute hashtag from SearchView (Charlie Fish)
  • Add ability to preview media taken with camera (Suhail Saqan)
  • Add ability to search for naddr, nprofiles, nevents (kernelkind)
  • Add experimental push notification support (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Add naddr link support (kernelkind)
  • Add regional relay recommendations to Relay configuration view (currently for Japanese users only) (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Add regional relays for Germany (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Add regional relays for Thailand (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Added a custom camera view (Suhail Saqan)
  • Always convert damus.io links to inline mentions (William Casarin)
  • Unfurl profile name on remote push notifications (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Zap notification support for push notifications (Daniel D’Aquino)


  • Generate nprofile/nevent links in share menus (kernelkind)
  • Improve push notification support to match local notification support (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Move mute thread in menu so it's not clicked by accident (alltheseas)
  • Prioritize friends when autocompleting (Charlie Fish)


  • Add workaround to fix note language recognition and reduce wasteful translation requests (Terry Yiu)
  • Allow mentioning users with punctuation characters in their names (kernelkind)
  • Fix broken mentions when there is text is directly after (kernelkind)
  • Fix crash on very large notes (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Fix crash when logging out and switching accounts (William Casarin)
  • Fix duplicate notes getting written to nostrdb (William Casarin)
  • Fix issue where adding relays might not work on corrupted contact lists (Charlie Fish)
  • Fix onboarding post view not being dismissed under certain conditions (Daniel D’Aquino)
  • Fix performance issue with gifs (William Casarin)
  • Fix persistent local notifications even after logout (William Casarin)
  • Fixed bug where sometimes notes from other profiles appear on profile pages (Charlie Fish)
  • Remove extra space at the end of DM messages (kernelkind)
  • Save current viewed image index when switching to fullscreen (kernelkind)


  • Removed old nsec key warning, nsec automatically convert to npub when posting (kernelkind)

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