Munstr: MuSig + Nostr

Munstr is an open source Musig privacy based wallet.

Munstr: MuSig + Nostr
  • "Munstr (MuSig + Nostr) is a combination of Schnorr signature based MuSig (multisignature) keys in a terminal based wallet."
  • It uses "decentralized Nostr networks as a communication layer to facilitate a secure and encrypted method of transporting and digitally signing bitcoin transactions in a way that chain analysis cannot identify the nature and setup of the transaction data."
  • "To anyone observing the blockchain, Munstr transactions look like single key Pay-to-Taproot (P2TR) spends."
  • "This is facilitated through an interactive, multi-signature (n-of-n) Bitcoin wallet that is designed to enable a group of signers to coordinate an interactive signing session for taproot based outputs that belong to an aggregated public key."

DISCLAIMER: This software is beta and should not be used for any real funds.

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