Miner Fee Gathering Capability: Out of Band Fees

BitMEX Research team took a look at the fee differences between actual Bitcoin blocks produced by miners and the fees one may expect, based on a local Bitcoin Core node.

Miner Fee Gathering Capability: Out of Band Fees
  • "We have detected evidence that the recent apparent increase in these differences may not be as significant as some people may suspect and the evidence for increases in out of band fees may therefore be limited."
  • "The evidence we have suggests there has been no recent significant increase in these differences (Actual fees vs template fees), when compared to the higher market fee rates."
"There is also no evidence we have found which suggests that out of band fee payments are currently a major cause for concern."
  • "However, it seems very possible that out of band payments have increased resulting in larger negative differences, it is just that this cannot be easily detected at the macro level."
  • "At the same time fees have increased recently, as have memory pool sizes. The network is certainly being tested, at least to some extent."

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