Mi Primer Bitcoin Introduces 2024 Edition of Its Student Workbook

Bitcoin Diploma 2024 version is a flagship, free and open-source 10-week Bitcoin education curriculum that has been implemented worldwide. It offers a deep dive into Bitcoin's history, technology, and global impact.

Mi Primer Bitcoin Introduces 2024 Edition of Its Student Workbook
"If you are looking for a tool to orangepill your friends, family, city or club; check out our free and open source Student Workbook. 175 pages, pure bitcoin, 100% empowerment. Download the pdf and join our education movement today!"
  • "In 2022, we started teaching this workbook to 38 public school teachers in El Salvador. Today, it serves over 25 educational projects from more than 15 countries, indirectly supporting grassroots initiatives with our decentralized and self-governed Node Network."
"The Bitcoin Diploma covers topics varying from the history of money, the emergence of fiat currencies, all the problems that today’s government money introduced to society and how these issues lead to solutions. It introduces Bitcoin, the Lightning Network, how to use it in your daily life, the technical workings and why we need Bitcoin."
  • "You can help us! Join the movement and become a Translation Maintainer. Fill in the form and be(come) the change in your local community!"
      • Download the 2024 Diplomado here.
      • The list of 23 languages of 2023 Diplomado here.
      • Apply to become a Node in our Network here.
  • "We’re here to build a better world, where individuals are free from oppressing monetary systems. Help us make them a thing of the past. Donate here."

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