LDK v0.0.122: Bug Fixes

LDK/rust-lightning is a highly performant and flexible implementation of the Lightning Network protocol.

LDK v0.0.122: Bug Fixes
  • In total, this release features 4 files changed, 99 insertions, 55
    deletions in 6 commits from 1 author.

What's new (v0.0.122)

Bug fixes

  • Route objects did not successfully round-trip through de/serialization since LDK 0.0.117, which has now been fixed (#2897).
  • Correct deserialization of unknown future enum variants. This ensures downgrades from future versions of LDK do not result in read failures or corrupt reads in cases where enums are written (#2969).
  • When hitting lnd bug 6039, our workaround previously resulted in ChannelManager persistences on every round-trip with our peer. These useless persistences are now skipped (#2937).

LDK v0.0.121, which was tagged on January 22, also introduces the following changes:

  • Fix a deadlock when calling batch_funding_transaction_generated with invalid input (#2841).
"0.0.121 fixes a denial-of-service vulnerability which is reachable from untrusted input from peers in rare cases if we have a public channel or in common cases if P2PGossipSync is used."
  • A peer that failed to complete its handshake would cause a reachableunwrap in LDK since 0.0.119 when LDK attempts to broadcast gossip to all peers (#2842).

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