Mercury Layer Has Been Released

Mercury Layer is a Layer 2 protocol for Bitcoin that enables the self-custodial transfer of coins (UTXOs) without on-chain transactions.

Mercury Layer Has Been Released
  • "CommerceBlock is releasing Mercury Layer today, an improved version of their variation of a statechain," wrote Shinobi for Bitcoin Magazine.
"The upgrade to Mercury Layer represents a massive improvement against the initial statechain implementation, however unlike the initial Mercury Wallet release, this is not packaged as a fully consumer ready wallet. It is being released as a library and CLI tool other wallets can integrate."
  • "The big change Mercury Layer is bringing to the original version of statechains is blinding. The operator of the statechain service will no longer be able to learn anything about what is being transferred: i.e. the TXIDs involved, the public keys involved, even the signatures that it collaborates with users to create for the pre-signed transactions necessary to claim back your funds unilaterally."
  • "Overall with the massive privacy improvements of the new iteration of statechains, and the composability with Lightning, this opens many doors for the economic viability and flexibility of second layer transactional mechanisms on Bitcoin."

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