FiatLink: A Lightning-Fiat Standard For Bitcoin On and Off Ramps

FiatLink is a free and open source API specification for bitcoin on and off ramps. The goal of this project is to provide a unified API specifications for Fiat on-ramps to create interoperability and easier integration of multiple on and offramps into apps.

FiatLink: A Lightning-Fiat Standard For Bitcoin On and Off Ramps
  • "FiatLink is a standard interface between Lightning apps and bitcoin brokers. And as with all Breez innovations, it’s free and open source."
"Crucially, FiatLink is an open API standard. Any wallet or app can access multiple brokers through a single interface, and every participating broker gains access to traffic from all those apps and wallets. No one is bound to anyone else through proprietary APIs. The market for fiat↔btc conversions becomes more free and open, which is always a good thing."
  • "We’re confident that FiatLink is the standard Lightning has lacked and to prove it, we’re adding it to the Breez SDK. With the SDK as a FiatLink client, all the great app developers collaborating with us on the SDK will be able to access all the participating brokers out of the gate."
  • "Multiple payment options (SEPA, credit cards, and bank transfers) are supported. API providers allow users to request price and cost estimates, final quotes, and then finally confirm a specific order quote and finalize it by inputting their payment information," wrote @Shinobi for Bitcoin Magazine.
  • "Withdrawals from a brokerage service to the users wallet is processed through LNURL-Withdraw."
"The API offers optional calls to verify wallet ownership and to assign a session ID through the Address Ownership Proof Protocol (AOPP). When called, AOPP ensures users are using their own non-custodial wallets, allowing brokerages subject to the “Travel” rule to opt out of the data-sharing scheme. When no AOPP is required, these values can simply be randomized."

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