Mempool.Space Updates: Full RBF, P2PK Outputs & More

The Mempool Open Source Project™ is a mempool and blockchain explorer for the Bitcoin community, focusing on the transaction fee market and multi-layer ecosystem.

Mempool.Space Updates: Full RBF, P2PK Outputs & More
  • "We’re working on major improvements to The Mempool Open Source Project as part of our upcoming v3.0 release," announced the project's team.
  • These updates are already live on website.

What's new

  • "We’ve re-implemented our block template algorithm in Rust for improved accuracy and performance."
  • "We’ve begun visualizing both `mempoolfullrbf=0` and `mempoolfullrbf=1` transactions together on our RBF timeline."
  • "We’ve forked blockstream/electrs to mempool/electrs and made many fixes and improvements (it's a breaking change -- mempool/mempool 3.x will require mempool/electrs 3.x)."
  • "We’ve started integrating Mempool Accelerator™."