LuxOS: Antminer-compatible Firmware by Luxor Technologies

Luxor Technologies, a Bitcoin mining software and services company, has released LuxOS, which is the first third-party Antminer-compatible firmware designed to improve hashrate and efficiency.

LuxOS: Antminer-compatible Firmware by Luxor Technologies
"We designed and built this firmware to provide added value at any scale. From Dashboard with critical metrics to Hashrate Split feature and detailed logs to ease investigation. LuxOS API gives operators the control they need to maximize their mining operations."
  • Tailored to your needs. Features large set of plug-and-play preset profiles that suits most use-cases (available at board and at miner level depending on machine compatibility).
  • Developer-first API. Setup your ASIC miner equipment on an individual basis, using Luxor's Programmable API. Customize each ASIC miner's performance to your liking.

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