Lume v3.0.1: OAuth-like Flow, Search, Performance Improvements

Lume is a cross-platform desktop client for the Nostr protocol. Available on macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Lume v3.0.1: OAuth-like Flow, Search, Performance Improvements
  • "Yo, I just make a public roadmap for Lume, starting with v3.1.0," announced @reya.

What's new


  • Add support NIP-89 (Recommended Application Handlers)
  • Drop support NIP-25 (Reaction)
  • Drop support NIP-4 (Direct Message)
  • Drop support NIP-23 (Long-form content)
  • Add Low Power Mode for low network environment
  • Support translate note, powered by
  • Improve cache performance
  • Enable Outbox by default
  • Add interests setting
  • Add search
  • Added popup when user hover avatar
  • Added new update badge to sidebar
  • Improved overall performance


  • Added support NIP-46 OAuth Flow for Sign Up and Login
  • Added multiple options to Login Screen
  • Redesigned layout

Home Screen

  • Added internal router to column
  • Add "For you" column
  • Added quick tutorial modal
  • Added onboarding modal for new user only
  • Added toolbar for manage column
  • Added column header with actions (move, refresh, delete)
  • Improved virtual list performance

Activity Screen

  • Added unread activity badge
  • Redesign activity screen
  • Improved loading performance

Relays Screen

  • Added global relay discover screen
  • Added follows relay discover screen
  • Improved relay manager
  • Redesign layout


  • Added Editor sidebar
  • Improved event preview
  • Improved mention popup
  • Removed Editor Screen

Settings Screen

  • Merged Nostr Wallet Connect screen into Settings
  • Added option to manage translation service
  • Added option to enable instant zap
  • Redesign layout


  • Split project into multiple packages
  • Refactor internal system into Ark Library
  • Refactor Note Component, using React Composition
  • Refactor User Component, using React Composition
  • Refactor Column Component, using React Composition


  • Added trending notes column
  • Added global column
  • Added waifu column

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