Lightning Network+ Liquidity Pool Launched

LN+ Liquidity Pool system facilitates node operators in opening channels with each other, ensuring mutual benefits.

Lightning Network+ Liquidity Pool Launched
  • "If you have a Bitcoin Lightning Node and you want to get incoming capacity, you can join our liquidity pool."
  • "In order to join you have to buy or earn liquidity credits. Once you're in the pool, nodes will open channels to you in return for your credits."
"Central to the Liquidity Pool are the Liquidity Credits, ensuring that everyone gets their fair amount of incoming channel liquidity that is equal to the amount of liquidity they opened to other nodes. Liquidity Credits aren't a token or (shit)coin. Instead, they're an internal measure of owed incoming liquidity that can only be exchanged for incoming liquidity on LN+."
  • "You have full control over to whom you open and who opens to you."
  • "We will give you instructions all throughout the process to make it easy. You can monitor the status of the liquidity credit flow in your private section on your profile page."

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