Lightspark Platform: Enterprise AI for Optimizing Lightning Liquidity, Connectivity and Routing

Lightspark, David Marcus’s new startup, revealed its Lightning product suite for Lightning enterprises and business.

Lightspark Platform: Enterprise AI for Optimizing Lightning Liquidity, Connectivity and Routing
  • Lightspark aims to remove the need for Lightning node operators to manually find equilibrium, or balance, between inbound transactions and outbound transactions.
  • Lightspark's solution relies on data science to constantly move liquidity to where it is needed.
  • "Lightspark Connect is a software service that enables our customers to use the Lightning Network to send and receive payments. Through an easy interface, customers control their funds on Lightning."
  • "Lightspark cannot initiate customer transactions or move or control customer funds. Customers can move funds to a different service at any time," states the Lightspark website.

According to, the company has three solutions:

  • Lightspark Connect. "Instantly connect to the Lightning Network. The Lightspark Connect solution takes the hard work out of using Lightning."
  • Lightspark Predict. "Lightspark Predict enables lightning-fast transactions with automated flows that maximize node conductivity using ground-breaking smart routing. Lightspark discovers the best-performing nodes and predicts their ability to successfully route transactions. Our infrastructure is up to 15 times more capital efficient than alternatives, allowing businesses to focus on growth and pass on savings to customers."
  • Lightspark API & SDKs. "With the Lightspark API and server-side SDKs, you can seamlessly integrate Lightspark’s services in minutes. You can automate payments for your business, use our webhooks and get notified in real-time of any changes or payments."

At the time of launch, Lightspark offers 3-tier pricing:

  • "We invite you to test our product and help us refine and improve it. Only with the support of the entire community we’ll be able to simplify and scale Lightning so that it can become the Internet's open protocol for money," the company's CSO Christian Catalini wrote in his announcement and explainer thread.
  • "AI will exponentially increase the velocity of money on the Lightning network while delivering low latency and high reliability. Bitcoin won't remain idle in Lightning channels; it will be put to work as developers worldwide explore what's possible with a truly open and interoperable protocol for money," he added.
  • Lightspark raised about $173 million last year at a valuation of almost $1 billion at the time, according to The Block.

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