Lightning Terminal v0.9.1-alpha: Software Updates

Lightning Terminal (LiT) is a browser-based interface for managing channel liquidity on LND nodes.

Lightning Terminal v0.9.1-alpha: Software Updates
  • "This release of Lightning Terminal (LiT) includes updates to the versions of the integrated LND, Loop and Faraday daemons."
  • "We'll be continuously working to improve the user experience based on feedback from the community."
  • "This release packages LND v0.16.1-beta, Loop v0.23.0-beta, Pool v0.6.2-beta, and Faraday v0.2.11-alpha."
  • "NOTE that the minimum version of lnd that can be used in --lnd-mode=remote is v0.16.0-beta."
  • "Installation and configuration instructions can be found in the README."

What's Changed

  • Fix "no matching files found" compilation error when litd is used as a library by @guggero in #530
  • build: update lnd version to v0.16.1 by @Roasbeef in #532

Full Changelog: v0.9.0-alpha...v0.9.1-alpha

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