Liana v1.0 Released: UI and UX Overhaul

Liana is an open source, self-custody Bitcoin desktop wallet that uses Miniscript and makes complex scripts simple. Liana can be used for inheritance, decaying multisigs and safer backups.

Liana v1.0 Released: UI and UX Overhaul
  • "We just shipped the first non-beta release of Liana. This also marks the beginning of our offering around the open source wallet. Learn more at"

What's new

  • "For the 1.0 we’ve spent the whole release cycle working on improving the usage flows and the UI. There is still plenty of niceties we’d like to have (just have a look at our issue tracker) but we consider this release to be usable by your average bitcoiner. Try it now!"
  • "We’ve also cleaned up the documentation about Liana. Our Liana web page should give a clearer conceptual description of the software and what it enables. On the other hand, the Github repository README is now focused on getting you set up."
  • "Starting with this release, we also distribute codesigned and notarized MacOS binaries. This is required by Apple to be able to run a Mac application without going through much hassle."


  • The createspend command now allows you to not provide any destination. In this case it will create a send-to-self transaction containing a single change output.
  • "Overall there is a new layout and color scheme. The "draft transactions" menu was renamed to the more common "PSBTs".
  • The homepage now features a list of payments, instead of transactions.
  • The spend transaction creation process is now contained in a single screen. It allows you to easily create a send-to-self transaction by not specifying any recipient.
  • The homepage will now feature an approximation of the remaining time before the first recovery path becomes available.
  • The homepage now features a button to refresh all coins whose recovery path is available (or close to be), if there is any.
  • Entries in the coins list now features a button to refresh a coin (create a send-to-self transaction in order to restart the timelock).
  • You can now generate multiple receive addresses in a row.
  • We now display the alias of signing devices (if any) in the final installer step.


  • Send-to-self transactions are now displayed as such instead of being affected a "0.00000BTC" value.
  • The installer will not present a step to register the descriptor on the signing device if there isn't any.
  • Some wording improvements all around.
  • The slider to configure timelocks in the installer now has a step of 144 (instead of 1).

Notable contributions

Shout out to @jp1ac4 for steadily contributing bug fixes and cool new features throughout this release!

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