Electrum v4.4.3: More Bug Fixes

Electrum is a lightweight Bitcoin and Lightning wallet for all desktop platforms and Android.

Electrum v4.4.3: More Bug Fixes

What's New

  • "Intentionally break multisig wallets that have heterogeneous master
    keys. Versions 4.4.0 to 4.4.2 of Electrum for Android did not check
    that master keys used the same script type."
  • "This may have resulted in the creation of multisig wallets that that cannot be spent from with any existing version of Electrum."
  • "It is not sure whether any users are affected by this; if there are any, we will publish instructions on how to spend those coins (#8417, #8418)."


  • Handle expected errors in DSCancelDialog (#8390)
  • Persist addresses tab toolbar "show/hide" state (b40a608b)


  • Implement bip39 account detection (0e0c7980)
  • Add share toolbutton for outputs in TxDetails (#8410)

Hardware wallets:


  • Fix old bitcoin app support (<2.1): "no sig for ..." (#8365)
  • Bump req ledger-bitcoin (0.2.0+), adapt to API change (30204991)


  • Limit max feature bit we accept to 10_000 (#8403)
  • Do not disconnect on "warning" messages (6fade55d)
  • Fix wallet.get_tx_parents for chain of unconf txs (#8391)
  • Locale: translate more strings when using "default" lang (a0c43573)
  • Wallet: persist frozen state of addresses to disk right away (#8389)

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