LDK v0.0.115: Rebroadcast the Bugfixes

Lightning Dev Kit is a highly modular Bitcoin Lightning library written in Rust.

LDK v0.0.115: Rebroadcast the Bugfixes

API Updates

  • The MSRV of the main LDK crates has been increased to 1.48 (#2107).
  • Attempting to claim an un-expired payment on a channel which has closed no longer fails. The expiry time of payments is exposed via
    PaymentClaimable::claim_deadline (#2148).
  • payment_metadata is now supported in Invoice deserialization, sending, and receiving (via a new RecipientOnionFields struct) (#2139, #2127).
  • Event::PaymentFailed now exposes a failure reason (#2142).
  • BOLT12 messages now support stateless generation and validation (#1989).
  • The NetworkGraph is now pruned of stale data after RGS processing (#2161).
  • Max inbound HTLCs in-flight can be changed in the handshake config (#2138).
  • lightning-transaction-sync feature esplora-async-https was added (#2085).
  • A ChannelPending event is now emitted after the initial handshake (#2098).
  • PaymentForwarded::outbound_amount_forwarded_msat was added (#2136).
  • ChannelManager::list_channels_by_counterparty was added (#2079).
  • ChannelDetails::feerate_sat_per_1000_weight was added (#2094).
  • Invoice::fallback_addresses was added to fetch bitcoin types (#2023).
  • The offer/refund description is now exposed in Invoice{,Request} (#2206).

Backwards Compatibility

  • Payments sent with the legacy *_with_route methods on LDK 0.0.115+ will no longer be retryable via the LDK 0.0.114- retry_payment method (#2139).
  • Event::PaymentPathFailed::retry was removed and will always be None for payments initiated on 0.0.115 which fail on an earlier version (#2063).
  • Routes and PaymentParameters with blinded path information will not be readable on prior versions of LDK. Such objects are not currently constructed by LDK, but may be when processing BOLT12 data in a coming release (#2146).
  • Providing ChannelMonitorUpdates generated by LDK 0.0.115 to a
    ChannelMonitor on 0.0.114 or before may panic (#2059). Note that this is in general unsupported, and included here only for completeness.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a case where process_events_async may poll a Future which has already completed (#2081).
  • Fixed deserialization of u16 arrays. This bug may have previously corrupted the historical buckets in a ProbabilisticScorer. Users relying on the
    historical buckets may wish to wipe their scorer on upgrade to remove corrupt data rather than waiting on it to decay (#2191).
  • The process_events_async task is now Send and can thus be polled on a multi-threaded runtime (#2199).
  • Fixed a missing macro export causing impl_writeable_tlv_based_enum{,_upgradable} calls to not compile (#2091).
  • Fixed compilation of lightning-invoice with both no-std and serde (#2187)
  • Fix an issue where the background-processor would not wake when a
    ChannelMonitorUpdate completed asynchronously, causing delays (#2090).
  • Fix an issue where process_events_async would exit immediately (#2145).
  • Router calls from the ChannelManager now call find_route_with_id rather than find_route, as was intended and described in the API (#2092).
  • Ensure process_events_async always exits if any sleep future returns true, not just if all sleep futures repeatedly return true (#2145).
  • channel_update messages no longer set the disable bit unless the peer has been disconnected for some time. This should resolve cases where channels are disabled for extended periods of time (#2198).
  • We no longer remove CLN nodes from the network graph for violating the BOLT
    spec in some cases after failing to pay through them (#2220).
  • Fixed a debug assertion which may panic under heavy load (#2172).
  • CounterpartyForceClosed::peer_msg is now wrapped in UntrustedString (#2114)
  • Fixed a potential deadlock in funding_transaction_generated (#2158).


  • Transaction re-broadcasting is now substantially more aggressive, including a
    new regular rebroadcast feature called on a timer from the
    background-processor or from ChainMonitor::rebroadcast_pending_claims. This should substantially increase transaction confirmation reliability
    without relying on downstream TransactionBroadcaster implementations for rebroadcasting (#2203, #2205, #2208).
  • Implemented the changes from BOLT PRs #1031, #1032, and #1040 which resolve a privacy vulnerability which allows an intermediate node on the path to discover the final destination for a payment (#2062).

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