Current App v0.0.8: Badges, Relay Management, Plebhy

The Current App for iOS and Android is an open source react-native client on top of the Nostr protocol.

Current App v0.0.8: Badges, Relay Management, Plebhy
  • "v0.0.8-Ojochal is the most significant update to Current so far."
  • "We have added awesome features like User Badges and core functionality like Custom Relay Management. Now users can decide whether they want to stick to our recommended relay lists, or curate their own and sync them across clients."
  • "User Badges introduce a fun way to showcase your achievements or belonging/membership. This update brings full support for managing awarded badges on your profile and checking out other users' badges."
  • "We have also redesigned most of our sign-up and login flow to make it even more intuitive for new users to get started."

User Badges

  • See a user’s badges on their profile screen.
  • Check out a badges title and description by clicking on it.
  • Edit your badges inside your profile.

Relay Management

  • Add and remove relays in your network settings.
  • Sync relays with other nostr clients.

Sign-Up / Login

  • Redesigned the Sign-Up / Login Screen to be more intuitive.
  • Mentions.
  • Check the Zap Tab to see who zapped you.
  • Added support for inline mentions (NIP27).


  • Removed GIPHY integration.
  • Added pagination for PLEBHY library.


  • Zaps will now choose a Lightning Address over LNURL if both are present.
  • Moved Repost Button.
  • Darkened the action buttons.
  • Added more animations and Styling.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed overlapping status bar on Android.
  • Fixed keyboard overlapping.
  • Fixed crashes on Android related to placeholder images.
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

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