Labelbase v2.0.0: Self-Hosted Option, Automated Output Management, Seamless Synchronization & More

Labelbase is a label management service for Bitcoin transactions and addresses. It supports BIP-329, a format for unifying label data. The goal of the project is to offer a convenient solution for managing labels associated with Bitcoin transactions and addresses across wallets and other tools.

Labelbase v2.0.0: Self-Hosted Option, Automated Output Management, Seamless Synchronization & More
  • "We're thrilled to announce that the next version of LabelBase, our pioneering open-source Bitcoin BIP-329 label management platform, is now live and available for installation on your own system, whether it's a laptop or a server," was announced in a blog post.
  • "Legacy version (Version 1) users: Transition smoothly to the new version by visiting We recommend exporting your labels from the legacy version and importing them to the self-hosted or the new platform for an enhanced experience."
"Thanks to a generous grant from OpenSats, we've overhauled the core system, integrated automatic synchronization with Electrum and Mempool, while also enhancing the user interface and experience."

What's new

  • Automated Output Management: Labelbase automatically updates spendable outputs using Electrum and converts their value to fiat currency based on Mempool's currency records, which helps you track your Bitcoin holdings effectively.
  • Easy Import & Export: Import label data from various wallets and export your Bitcoin labels in BIP-329 format, including encrypted labels as a 7z archive.
  • Seamless Synchronization: Sync your Bitcoin labels across various platforms and services for consistent access and management. Additionally, a REST API is available to facilitate easy integration with other systems and services.
  • Efficient Label Management: Stay organized with features like seamless transaction labeling, bulk and background operations, hashtags and easy label rectification.
  • Flexible Hosting Options: Choose between self-hosted and cloud-hosted solutions to fit your specific needs.
  • On-Demand Support: Benefit from our integrated on-demand opt-in support chat, ensuring your privacy and providing assistance when needed.

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