BTCPay Server v1.13.0: Server Branding, Invite New Users via Email/Link, New Roles & More

BTCPay Server is a free and open-source Bitcoin payment processor. It allows you to accept bitcoin without fees or intermediaries.

BTCPay Server v1.13.0: Server Branding, Invite New Users via Email/Link, New Roles & More
  • "We're thrilled to announce the release of the new BTCPay Server version 1.13.0! This major release introduces several brand-new features, improvements, bug fixes and stands ready for immediate usage," was announced in a blog post.
"If you have problems, feedback, feature requests regarding BTCPay Server, feel free to reach out on our community chat on Mattermost or Telegram."

What's new

  • Server branding & contact option. "Server owners can now apply custom name to their server. This functionality complements the previously added capability to upload custom logos, allowing for a branded user interface."
    • "Additionally, a new contact input feature allows you to specify an email or an URL. This will be displayed on publicly visible pages of your server and in the sidebar for server’s users, enabling them to easily contact you for support."
  • View-only admin overview of all the stores on their instance. "We've listened to your feedback! Understanding who is using your instance and how is crucial. To further enhance server owner flexibility, we’ve introduced the ability for owners to easily overview the stores created on their server. Currently, admins can access these stores in view-only mode."
  • Invite new users to the server via email or link. "We’ve redefined how users can be onboarded to a server. Inviting users to your BTCPay Server is now much easier. As a server owner, willing to onboard merchants, you can now invite them through email or by sharing a link. Instantly granting them access to their accounts."
    • "In addition to this, we’ve also added approval for new accounts. If you allow user registration on the server, you now have the ability approve new users before they start using your instance."
  • New store roles: Manager and Employee. "This release introduces two new store roles: Manager and Employee. Alongside the existing Owner and Guest roles these roles are designed to streamline the management of user access to your store, making it easier than ever to delegate responsibilities while maintaining tighter access to private data."
  • Brand-new items functionality for the keypad Point of Sale. "We’ve noticed that while most merchants preferred to have a simple keypad point of sale, some asked if there’s a way to have a product/items view. The new mode allows merchants to navigate between a simple keypad and a more detailed product list."
  • Better Bitcoin QR Support. "We’re trying our best to keep up to date with evolving standards in the Bitcoin ecosystem. This release adds support for BBQr (opens new window), which is a new way of encoding bigger chunks of data and larger files into a series of QR codes."
  • New integrations. "Our integration team of contributors (Ndeet, BitcoinMitchell, Nisaba and 021) is proud to introduce three new e-commerce integrations: nopCommerce, GrandNode & XenForo."
  • Other integrations:
    • "Some users using Shopify plugin are receiving emails about deprecated API calls, thus far these emails were all checked by the team, and our plugin is not impacted by these changes, so you can continue using Shopify with BTCPay Server normally. In case you notice a problem, let us know."
    • PrestaShop plugin received a new update (Kudos BitcoinMitchell).
    • There’s a new version of our PHP Library (shipped by Ndeet).
    • WHMCS integration is now available on their marketplace.
  • New plugins:
    • Bringin. "The new Bringin plugin developed by Kukks offers merchants located in the EU to automatically exchange all or partially your incoming Bitcoin revenue to Euro."
      • You can read more about this here.
    • Breez. "While currently in beta, a new plugin by Kukks now offers Breez SDK powered by Blockstream Greenlight as a way to instantly spin up a new lightning node for your stores with automated liquidity management and very minimal burden on your server."
      • You can read more about this here.
  • Breaking changes for some plugins. "Upon update, you may notice that certain plugins, incompatible with the current version of BTCPay Server, may automatically be disabled. Once updated to 1.13.0, BTCPay Server will let you know through notifications and you can update plugins for continued use."
  • Deprecating Custodian. "We’ve decided to deprecate custodian experimental feature added in 1.9.0 as an attempt to bring exchange integration to BTCPay Server. Custodian will be removed in our next major release, including the API calls."

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