Keystache by Resolvr: Desktop Client for Managing Nostr Private Keys

Keystache is a desktop app that enables you to keep all of your nostr keys in a single application rather than pasting your nsec into every application you install on the desktop. Available on Mac devices, with Windows support coming soon.

Keystache by Resolvr: Desktop Client for Managing Nostr Private Keys
  • "Keystache provides an API (Over a Unix Domain Socket) for other MacOS desktop applications to request a public key (used to sign in to other apps) or request an event be signed."
  • Resolvr has also built a desktop nostr client for its bounty marketplace meaning users can post and take bounties directly from personal machines.
"The Resolvr bounty marketplace experience will be fully realized on the desktop app moving forward as we work towards rolling out escrow features. The web client will continue to be supported, but will have fewer features," the project's team said.
  • "Keystache works with Resolvr's bounty desktop app (or any other desktop nostr client!) to zap bounty payouts (or any other zappable event!) with ANY bitcoin lightning wallet through a simple QR code interface!"
  • "Team member Tommy has written a reference library for the underlying key management protocol, which Resolvr has integrated into Keystache (as a key manager) and Resolvr Desktop (as a client)."
  • "Resolvr has plans to extend Keystache further with features like access to a lightning wallet, fedimint, a bitcoin wallet, and more!"

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