Core Lightning v24.02: Testnet Fix, New Recovery Plugin & More

Core Lightning is a lightweight, highly customizable and standard compliant implementation of the Lightning Network protocol.

Core Lightning v24.02: Testnet Fix, New Recovery Plugin & More
  • "After three months and 418 commits submitted by 36 contributors, the latest release of Core Lightning, v24.02, codenamed "Uint Needs Signature," is now out!"
"While mainly a maintenance release, there are numerous changes that node operators will love, as well as some under-the-hood improvements that will make it simpler and more affordable for users to run CLN."
  • "To update to the latest version of CLN, head over to the release page, or if you want to dig into the finer points, check out the changelog, and tell us what you like or what we could improve."

What's new (highlights)

    • a fix for a crash bug that may occur on testnet. If you are using CLN on testnet please upgrade as soon as possible.
    • The recover plugin can now detect dataloss and guide you through the recovery process, making emergency recoveries less stressful.
    • The logic of the anchor channels has been overhauled and channel fundings and closing should now be more flexible and reliable.
    • reckless, our plugin manager, now knows how to create python virtualenvs for each plugin. This allows running multiple plugins with conflicting dependencies. Furthermore it can be told an exact version or commit to install.
    • This release includes a patch for libwally which is used for parsing Bitcoin blocks and transaction. It failed parsing a large transaction on testnet. This is now addressed in this release, and we want to encourage everyone to upgrade.
    • Dual-funding has been merged into the Lightning Specification! This is a major milestone for more efficient channel management.
    • The gossip_store file can now be shared with others, since it no longer contains local unpublished gossip.
    • Optimizations in the way we process blocks means that we can sync with the blockchain 50% faster than before.
    • CLN now has a --no-reconnect-private, which tells lightningd not to reconnect private peers. This is useful for service-providers and LSPs if the majority of peers is flaky.
    • The newest version of the splicing proposal was implemented. Though experimental we encourage anyone to try it out, as it informs the specification process as well.
    • In addition to the testnet fix, there is also a minor fix in elementsd and regarding Liquid support, where we could fail to parse a peg-in correctly, causing the node to get stuck when attempting to parse the transaction.

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