IRS To Send Agents Abroad To Fight P2P, Mixing, DeFi and Crypto Crimes

"IRS-CI special agents are the only federal law enforcement agents with investigative jurisdiction over violations of the Internal Revenue Code, obtaining a more than a 90 percent federal conviction rate."

IRS To Send Agents Abroad To Fight P2P, Mixing, DeFi and Crypto Crimes
  • "IRS Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI) will launch a pilot program in June where cyber attachés will deploy to four continents across the globe to combat cybercrime, focusing on tax and financial crimes that use cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, peer-to-peer payments and mixing services."
  • "The four individuals tapped to serve as cyber attachés have significant expertise investigating cybercrime and will work with IRS-CI's law enforcement counterparts in Asia, Europe, South America and Australia."
  • "The cyber attachés will deploy to Sydney, Australia; Bogota, Colombia; Frankfurt, Germany; and Singapore for a 120-day detail which takes place from June to September 2023."
"This summer, four of our most-skilled special agents will deploy to strategic locations on four continents to ensure that we can continue to build relationships and effectively combat cybercrime on a global scale."
  • "In order to effectively combat cybercrime, we need to ensure that our foreign counterparts have access to the same tools and expertise we have here in the United States," said IRS-CI Chief Jim Lee.

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