Cashu-Address: Cashu Mints as Better Lightning-Address Custodians

Cashu Address introduces a LNURL service that generates eCash tokens on received payments and holds on to them for a user until they come back online.

Cashu-Address: Cashu Mints as Better Lightning-Address Custodians
  • "Wondering what Cashu-Address is? It’s a Lightning Address accessible to all, merging the strengths of Lightning and Bitcoin eCash. No sign-up needed, and setup is almost effortless," wrote @Egge.
"Because Cashu-Address is built with nostr in mind, your nostr public key is already a valid Cashu-Address (npub1…@"
  • "Thanks to its foundation on Cashu , Cashu-Address offers numerous advantages over standard custodial Lightning Addresses:"
    • "Your financial activities remain private from your custodian, and you’re free to select or change your custodian anytime."
    • "Moreover, custodians cannot single out or censor individual users, while received payments will be locked to your public key, making Cashu-Address a forward-thinking choice in the world of custodial Lighting."
  • "Get a NIP-07 extension and give it a try:"
  • "But please keep in mind, Cashu-Address is still evolving.
    I encourage you to explore its features, but remember to proceed with caution and to not be reckless," said the developer.

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