HRF Launched 20 BTC Bounty Challenge for Improvements Requested by Activists

"The Human Rights Foundation is launching with this initial set of 10 bounty challenges. More bounties might be added as we go. An individual or team who fully solves any of the 10 challenges will be eligible to receive a bounty of 2 BTC."

HRF Launched 20 BTC Bounty Challenge for Improvements Requested by Activists
  • "@HRF announces the Bitcoin Bounty Challenge. 20 BTC up for grabs for 10 UX improvements to Bitcoin (mainly focused on mobile wallets) requested by dissidents and human rights groups from across the world," announced Alex Gladstein.
  • Bounty #1: Open Sourcing the Design Guide.
"2 BTC to port the Bitcoin UI Kit from Figma to an open-source Penpot (@Penpotapp) project. Currently, the Bitcoin UI Kit is only available in a proprietary Figma file format."
  • Bounty #2: Serverless Payjoin.
"2 BTC to deploy a production-ready version 2 payjoin protocol which may send and receive payjoin transactions without requiring a sender or recipient to operate a public server."
  • Bounty #3: End-to-End Encrypted Nostr Group Chats.
"2 BTC for the creation of end-to-end encrypted group chats powered by any popular Nostr client that do not leak metadata to third parties. Users must be able to chat with at least two other Nostr users."
  • Bounty #4: Silent Payments.
"2 BTC for a mobile Bitcoin wallet which can send and receive Silent Payments in a private manner without requiring the user to run a full node."
  • Bounty #5: Human Readable Offers.
"2 BTC for a human-readable BOLT 12 offer generator feature integrated into a popular iOS or android bitcoin wallet."
  • Bounty #6: Self-custodial Mobile Lightning Address.
"2 BTC for an easy-to-setup self-custodial mobile Lightning address generator integrated into a popular iOS or android bitcoin wallet."
  • Bounty #7: Mobile Border Wallets.
"2 BTC for the integration of Border Wallets optionality in addition to a seed phrase for a popular iOS or android wallet. Users should easily be able to choose to use border wallet functionality to create their seed."
  • Bounty #8: Easy Mobile Multisig.
"2 BTC for the implementation of a “tap or airdrop to create 2 of 3” multisig functionality for an open-source popular iOS or android wallet. The wallet must be self-custodial, with a method for users to recover funds using open-source software."
  • Bounty #9: Frost Multisig Wallet.
"2 BTC to a FROST-powered dynamic mobile multisig that allows the user to modify the signer set without moving funds to a new address. The wallet must be self-custodial."
  • Bounty #10: Cashu.
"- 0.5 BTC for a fully-functional iOS Cashu app ;
- 0.5 BTC for a fully-functional Android Cashu app;
- 0.5 BTC for an open-source Cashu web widget for anonymous paywalled content;
- 0.5 BTC for Cashu-TS backup restore."
  • "This project was born out of 6 months of field research where HRF staff met with + interviewed a) dissidents and human rights NGO leaders from around the world and b) Bitcoin developers. The goal was to settle on a mix of desired upgrades to Bitcoin that seemed somewhat realistic," Gladstein added.


  • "Submissions will be shared with external industry experts to help HRF discern whether submissions meet bounty requirements. HRF will be making decisions in a charitable way for bounty submissions that make a good faith effort to meet the requirements."
  • "The Bitcoin Bounty Challenge will run until December 31, 2024 Any unclaimed bounties will convert into general operating funding for the HRF’s Bitcoin Development Fund on January 1, 2025."
  • "An individual or team may collect any amount of bounties. If a leading wallet maker or for-profit corporation would like to compete, we would be delighted. To claim a bounty submit proof to bounty at"
  • "For full terms and conditions visit:"

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