Arcade v0.3.2-beta: AI Chat, Performance Upgrades

Arcade is a A Nostr and AI chat app for Android and iOS.

Arcade v0.3.2-beta: AI Chat, Performance Upgrades
  • "The app is now stable enough we feel confident releasing this to the Play Store beta program which we'll do this week."
  • "You can create an AI chat channel that lives next to your other Telegram-style chat channels. This includes free access to GPT3.5, with paid access to GPT4 and Claude coming soon."
  • "Please note that our AI chats use a different security model than Nostr chat. AI chats are stored in our database associated with your npub. Please do not include any sensitive data in your chats. Until we finish adding Nostr authentication to the API, please assume your AI chat conversations could be read by anyone who knows your npub key."
  • "Both our app code and our AI chat API are open-source so you can verify this for yourself (search our codebase for We’re working to remove dependence on OpenAI entirely, fortunately actual open models are catching up."

New in v0.3.2-beta:

  • Fixed major reliability bug causing disconnection at relays via rate-limiting and other minor bugs (#401)
  • A bunch of other bugs/tweaks (#433)
  • Long chat messages expand the textbox vertically

New in v0.3.1-beta:

  • Added optional voice recording to AI chats; transcription via OpenAI Whisper API (#368)
  • Added replies to chat channels - swipe right on any message to reply (#338)
  • Various bug fixes (#338 & #384)

New in v0.3.0-beta:

Full Changelog: v0.2.1-beta...v0.3.0-beta

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