The Human Rights Foundation Donates $500K to 14 Bitcoin Projects

The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) granted $500,000 in Bitcoin Development Fund grants to 14 Bitcoin projects that center around Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

The Human Rights Foundation Donates $500K to 14 Bitcoin Projects
  • "$500,000 is being granted across 14 different projects around the world focusing on global education, Lightning Network development, decentralized communications, and providing nonprofits and human rights groups with an easier onramp to "financial freedom tools," reported Bitcoin Magazine.
  • "The Bitcoin Development Fund is committed to facilitating $2 million of grants in 2024, aiming to bolster innovative technical, educational, and community-driven Bitcoin initiatives worldwide."
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  • Grant #1: "USD E-Cash by @callebtc, leveraging the Cashu protocol for a secure USD-based Chaumian e-cash system that respects your privacy. Funding will support the full development of this project."
  • Grant #2: "BTCPay Server provides free open source software for organizations that rely on Bitcoin, it is a critical tool for nonprofits operating in challenging environments. Funding will support enhancing the platform's user experience and extend its capabilities."
  • Grant #3: "BO฿ Space, for its Builders Residency Program in Thailand. Funding will help launch a new cohort, to be dedicated to identifying weak spots in Bitcoin’s decentralization, and making those into strengths."
  • Grant #4: ", a non-profit that advocates for democracy and human rights within the Chinese-speaking world. Funding will enable translating key Bitcoin educational materials into Chinese and promoting financial freedom inside the world’s biggest Communist country."
  • Grant #5: "Bitcoin Innovation Hub, led by @N_Nyangoma in Uganda, offers a range of vocational training and financial literacy to women and men, centered around using and earning Bitcoin. Funding will support the addition of classes such as carpentry, baking, and valuable digital skills."
  • Grant #6: "BITCOIN DADA, founded by @marcelorraine, is on a mission to empower African women with Bitcoin knowledge. Funds will support expansion across Africa, the creation of multilingual educational resources, and promote women-led businesses adopting Bitcoin."
    • "The grants in this round to both @btc_dada and the @Btchubafrica are generously supported by @Strike’s nonprofit initiative. Big shout out to Strike and everyone else that makes our work possible," added @ck_SNARKs.
  • Grant #7: "The Bitcoin Design Foundation contributes essential user research, aiding Bitcoin wallets and companies in enhancing UX to guarantee Bitcoin's accessibility for all."
  • Grant #8: "Bitcoin Op-Tech is a vital resource for the Bitcoin developer community, offering insights into the most important Bitcoin technical conversations. Funds will be allocated towards operational expenses and growth strategies."
  • Grant #9: "Damus Android, the first NOSTR client on iOS, is expanding to Android! Funding enables this critical initiative which makes this open source client available to millions of new users in authoritarian countries and the developing world."
  • Grant #10: "Bitcoin Core Developer Pablo Martin's contributions help maintain Bitcoin as a secure digital currency, pivotal for activists and individuals in high-risk environments. HRF is proud to support Pablo!"
  • Grant #11: "LNbits aims to decentralize custodianship and provides users with a robust suite of Bitcoin tools they can run for themselves. Funding will support the core contributors’ salaries, bounties, and educational outreach efforts through workshops and video tutorials."
  • Grant #12: "The Bitcoin Policy Summit 2024, organized by @btcpolicyorg, is a critical platform for discussing how Bitcoin can play a role in protecting human rights. Funding will support event logistics, speaker travel, and attendance by human rights advocates."
  • Grant #13: "Video series "Bitcoin for Billions" by Bitcoin educator Paco de la India, is making Bitcoin accessible to millions in India, in a variety of local languages. Funding will be used for research, content creation, translation, and promotion."
  • Grant #14: "Scalar School in Brazil, established by @hazelbiologist is nurturing a new wave of Bitcoin and Lightning developers across South America. The grant will go towards teachers’ salaries, training workshops, and university outreach."

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