How Bitcoin Jungle Enables 200+ Stores in Costa Rica to Embrace Bitcoin

"Our single BTCPay Server instance supports ~200 stores, totalling ~5k invoices to date. It continues scaling efficiently without any issue."

How Bitcoin Jungle Enables 200+ Stores in Costa Rica to Embrace Bitcoin
  • "Our goal was to integrate BTCPay Server into the Bitcoin Jungle Wallet (powered by Galoy).We wanted to allow our wallet users to create a new BTCPay Server Point of Sale & link it to their wallet. To achieve this, we used BTCPay Server’s Greenfield API to automate the creation of new Stores, Users & Point of Sales."
"Whenever a payment is collected on BTCPay Server, it should be immediately forwarded to that user’s Bitcoin Jungle wallet. To achieve this, we leveraged BTCPay Server’s Webhooks feature."
  • "Each time an invoice is paid, a webhook is triggered. This webhook is responsible for forwarding the Bitcoin received in the merchant’s wallet using the LNURL protocol. The webhook also allows us to split up the Bitcoin in various ways - the service provider can optionally retain a processing fee & tips received can be split up and delivered amongst staff members evenly. This happens in under a second and is perceived to be “real-time” by the merchant."
  • "One thing we learned was that it’s crucial to allow users to pay on-chain, even if you prefer Lightning Network. We’ve found some visitors to our circular economy don’t yet have a Lightning wallet. They see the Bitcoin Accepted Here sticker at a store, get excited because they have Bitcoin (usually on Coinbase), but then scan a Lightning QR and can’t pay the merchant. Once we added On-chain capabilities for merchants using BTCPay Server, we noticed an uptick in payments."

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