Highlighter Chrome Extension v0.1.0 Released

Highlighter is a feed for Nostr highlights, and a nostr-native note taking app.

Highlighter Chrome Extension v0.1.0 Released
  • "Highlighter Chrome extension 0.1 released, but you'll need to sideload it."
"Did you know that Google handles their Chrome store like Apple does?
- Yes. Developers need to KYC.
- Yes. Developers also need to have their code approved."
  • "I've submitted @Highlighter extension for Chrome Store approval."
  • "But if you want early access, there's the link for you."

What's new

  • Save (private) bookmarks (with optional comments).
  • Highlight ANYTHING.
  • Highlight ANYTHING meaning, also PDFs.
  • Minimum permissions required (doesn't request permission to every website you visit, as most extensions do).
  • Collect all your valuable knowledge in a censorship-resistance, interoperable protocol.

Video demonstration:

GitHub Repo