Greenpeace FUD Backfires: Funds Badass Bitcoin Artwork

Ripple funded $5 million anti proof-of-work campaign via Greenpeace has been an embarrassment for the environmental activist group.

Greenpeace FUD Backfires: Funds Badass Bitcoin Artwork

In the latest move of the campaign, the activists revealed an 11-foot statue called Satoshi Skull took over 1000 hours of human work to make. The artwork was designed by the artist Von Wong.

According to the artist's website, the skull is meant to expose Bitcoins impact on climate change. Nevertheless, many 'Bitcoin plebs' have come to actually admire the artwork, some calling it the most 'metal' Bitcoin artwork to date.

Some even went to defend the artist as being a victim of a well-funded misinformation campaign.

Besides, many Bitcoin entrepreneurs have expressed interest into acquiring the licensing rights to the artwork, as well as the whole statue.

The artist's reaction to what has unfolded thus far has been rather constructive, as he remains positive and excited about the discussion.