Blockstream Green Wallet Desktop v2.0.0: New UI and UX

Blockstream Green is a multi-platform and feature-rich self-custodial Bitcoin and Liquid wallet.

Blockstream Green Wallet Desktop v2.0.0: New UI and UX
  • "Last year, we improved upon these security and privacy fundamentals by wholly redesigning the mobile wallet for a more refined self-custody experience. In the latest 2.0.0 release of Green Desktop, users will get this same refreshed experience, including a more user-friendly interface for hardware wallet users," was announced in a blog post.
"In the near term, we plan to roll out the much-anticipated air-gapped capability for Blockstream Jade users in Green (first on mobile and then desktop), and later this year, we would additionally like to have Lightning support in Green Desktop (made possible by Greenlight) with a seamless conversion between all three account types: Bitcoin mainchain, Liquid, and Lightning."

What's new

  • New UI and UX: the user experience has been simplified and streamlined with a more polished, intuitive interface for easier access to key features;
  • All-in-one UX: use your existing wallets for both your Bitcoin and Liquid accounts across singlesig and assisted multisig. You have the flexibility to choose whether to combine Bitcoin and Liquid accounts or not, and thus to organize your mainchain and second-layer stacks as you deem fit.
  • Simpler onboarding for new Jade users, minimizing ambiguity and errors during the initial setup;
  • Sign with address to prove its ownership.

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