Grant Renewals: Niklas Gögge & Daniela Brozzoni

Bitcoin developers Niklas Gögge and Daniela Brozzoni got their developer grants renewed by Brink and Spiral.

Grant Renewals: Niklas Gögge & Daniela Brozzoni
  • "Brink is excited to announce continued support for  Niklas Gögge (@dergoegge) in his Bitcoin Core development work," announced Brink.
  • "His contributions towards testing, particularly fuzzing, is important to secure Bitcoin Core and uncover critical bugs."
"Fuzzing can be used to expand test coverage and uncover bugs. For example, generating a series of P2P messages that leads to a crash, memory leak, etc. As nodes are exposed to anonymous peers, a bug in the P2P message processing code could be catastrophic."
  • "Fuzz testing initiatives in Bitcoin Core have found several important bugs over the years, with Fuzz Trophies noting some of them."
  • "Niklas recently gave a presentation about what fuzz testing is as well as fuzz testing in Bitcoin Core."

At the same time, Spiral renewed a grant for developer Daniela Brozzoni.

  • "Daniela Brozzoni (@danielabrozzoni) is helping with BDK 1.0 both as a builder and maintainer. She’s also redesigning the BDK transaction builder, implementing the rust-miniscript planning module."

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