Good Morning, Bitcoin - Wednesday, July 10, 2024

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Good Morning, Bitcoin - Wednesday, July 10, 2024

It's Wednesday, July 10, 2024. Bitcoin transaction fees are as low as 6 sat/vB, developers are building remarkable tools, we're entering mid-summer, and life is generally good. So, what do we say to those who aren't overzealously supporting Bitcoin and broader freedom tech? GM.

What's happening

  • Wasabi Wallet has issued a warning against using the coinjoin coordinator According to the project, this coordinator is using sophisticated attack to slowly siphon funds from its users. "We will release a new version soon preventing this," said Wasabi Wallet.
    • In other news, Wasabi Wallet also had its Windows installer replaced on GitHub earlier today.
  • Signal Desktop messenger is set to implement the Electron safeStorage API in its next beta release. This improvement comes after recent controversy, where some users criticized the desktop version for storing encryption keys in plain text.
"This is a big change that will require a lot of testing. It will start rolling out soon in an upcoming beta release and hit production shortly after that assuming everything goes well," said Signal developer @jamiebuilds-signal.
  • Cryptosteel and Liana by Wizardsardine have announced a partnership to deliver "a groundbreaking solution that will transform secure Bitcoin long-term storage."
  • Volt Wallet has partnered with Breez to utilize its SDK and integrate Lightning payments into the wallet.
  • The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) invites activists to join the Online Activist Academy, a self-paced course designed for activists and civil society leaders who defend human rights and promote democracy within authoritarian regimes.

Tools and updates

  • Debifi app v0.0.47: The non-custodial Bitcoin-backed lending platform now allows borrowing in EUR and USD, alongside various fixes and improvements. Debifi also made its app source code publicly available for increased security and transparency.
  • Invincible Privacy Group (IPG) is an initiative for supporting Bitcoin privacy projects and developers without requiring them to reveal their identities. Users can donate to a general pool of funds or directly to specific projects. Currently, the site lists 9 projects.
  • Primal Android v1.0.3 has been released. The app has "finally reached the milestone where it is stable and feature-complete enough that we can call it v1.0," said Primal's CEO Miljan.
  • Amber v1.1.0, the Nostr event signer for Android, comes with multiple fixes and improvements.
  • Lava Wallet recently launched Lava Free Pay and Lava Exchange. Lava Exchange enables users to buy Bitcoin within the app and deposit it directly into self-custody. Lava Free Pay integrates stablecoins into the wallet, facilitating free, instant, and global payments.
  • Braiins Toolbox v24.06: This update makes free batch management software available to the public, includes simplified IP address uploading via CSV files, and offers user interface improvements.
  • Mutiny Node v1.7.12 adds a hotfix for some federation guardians who had issues with xyz domains. "A longer term fix is in progress and will probably be in the next major fedimint release," said the project.
  • Caravan is a free and open-source, stateless multisig coordinator that can be used to build multisig wallets derived from xpubs or individual multisig addresses derived from pubkeys.
  • Lendasat, a platform for instant, P2P, Bitcoin-collateralized loans via Lightning, shared a post introducing their approach to building DLC VTXOs on Ark. Users can sign up for early access here.

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