Fountain v0.8.0: Music Podcasts, Player & Performance Updates

Fountain is a Lightning-powered value-for-value podcasting app where listeners and podcasters get rewarded for the value they provide for others. Available on iOS and Android.

Fountain v0.8.0: Music Podcasts, Player & Performance Updates
  • Fountain 0.8 is live on iOS and Android.
  • Key upgrades include music podcasts (still in beta), player updates, and performance upgrades.
  • "Want to help test new features before they get released? Join Fountain Beta on Telegram to get access. All iOS and Android users welcome."

What's new

  • Music podcasts (beta). "Experience an exciting new category of podcasts where DJs spin tracks and listeners can stream or boost to support the artists directly. If you enjoyed a song featured in a podcast, you can add it to your library to listen to again later."
  • Player updates. "We have made two small but significant updates to the player screen make two important features accessible in fewer taps. You can now view and manage your queue and navigate podcast chapters without leaving the player screen."
  • Performance upgrades. "You should notice that running the app on your mobile device consumes less data and less power. While we're continuing to work on further improvements, these updates represent a substantial leap forward in quality of life."

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