Foundation Passport v2.0.4: Extensions Menu Including Casa and Postmix Extension and More

This release includes the extensions menu, Casa extension and account page, Postmix extension and account page, and more.

Foundation Passport v2.0.4: Extensions Menu Including Casa and Postmix Extension and More

For details on how to download, verify and install this firmware, see the Firmware Update support page.


  • Add Extensions menu
  • Add Casa extension and account page
  • Add Postmix extension and account page
  • Autorefresh file picker when microSD inserted/removed
  • Make delete key handling on Backup Code page more intuitive
  • Remember last brightness setting when showing a QR code
  • Remember last pixel density setting when showing a QR code
  • Improve the size and density of QR codes to better fill the screen
  • Add low power warning dialog when battery hits 5%
  • Remove vertical line from camera image when scanning QR codes
  • Fix Verify Address for all uppercase bech32 addresses
  • Tell user when they are installing a developer-signed firmware update
  • Show fingerprint when switching passphrases
  • Show Clear Passphrase and Change Passphrase menus instead when a passphrase is already active
  • Bring forward bug fixes from Founders Edition code
  • Fix XFP missing crash
  • Erase the PSBT file after signing
  • Respect “Skip address verification” flag in wallet settings
  • Respect “Force multisig policy” flag in wallet settings
  • Search "change" addresses for multisig address verification
  • Show brick warnings on 5 and 1 attempts remaining
  • Fix multisig import and multisig address verification during connect wallet process
  • Fix text alignment in mulitsig QR import screen
  • Fix scrollbar margins in a few places
  • Add several new/updated icons
  • Fix QR and microSD wallet import crashes
  • Fix backspace bug when entering a 12 digit PIN
  • Add support to enter account numbers up to 2,147,483,646
  • Fix toggle switch right padding
  • Improved paginated layout for seed words page
  • Don’t import duplicate multisig wallets (show error page)
  • When Auto-Shutdown is set to Never, the selection now scrolls into view properly
  • Fix Bitcoin URI parsing (when URI was followed by query params, parsing failed)
  • Allow user to go back up a level when there are no files in the current directory
  • Rename Testnet to Network
  • Allow up/down keys to increase/decrease screen brightness on all QR code pages, not just animated ones

SHA256: a71c00be32854083a381cfa60d8fe000a0cf2c43e558def0f92fe12244d62ee4
(shasum -b -a 256 v2.0.4-passport.bin)

MD5: b98773904563c72c5b022e516be8ab03
(md5 v2.0.4-passport.bin or mdsum v2.0.4-passport.bin)

Build Hash: b838aa1f9d3af4e3c9efc2e265031c37d0d290a7cb8752d675085c2866c50f53
(Developers Only)