Fully Noded - Bitcoin Core v1.0.5 & Tor-Connect v1.0.0 Released

Fully Noded - Bitcoin Core is designed to make using wallets via Bitcoin Core a breeze. Tor-Connect is a simple app with which runs the latest stable release of Tor. The point of Tor-Connect is to make running Tor on your Mac and creating/managing hidden services for Bitcoin Core easy for anyone.

Fully Noded - Bitcoin Core v1.0.5 & Tor-Connect v1.0.0 Released
  • "Announcing 'Tor-Connect' (still alpha) - a native macOS app which automatically runs Tor and creates hidden services for Bitcoin Core rpcports. This makes using and configuring Tor for the purpose of connecting remote wallets easy for anyone," wrote @FullyNoded on X.
"Tor-Connect makes using Fully Noded easier if running and configuring Tor from scratch was intimidating. Just run Bitcoin Core and Tor-Connect, export the rpcauth from FN to your bitcoin.conf, add the host address from Tor-Connect to FN and you are connected."

What's new (FN - Bitcoin Core)

  • Fully Noded will now optionally create an rpc password on behalf of the user (using the devices secure enclave and the cryptographically secure random number generator).
  • Node credentials are automatically converted to an rpcauth string which can easily be exported from FN.
  • This allows users to delete plaintext rpcpasswords from their bitcoin.conf and instead use the more secure rpcauth string.
  • updates Tor to v0.4.8.10.

What's new (Tor-Connect)

  • Runs the Tor.Framework which runs Tor v0.4.8.10.
  • Automatically configures a hidden service for rpcports 8332 (main), 18332 (test), 38332 (signet), and 18443 (regtest).
  • Allows easy export of your host address. This is required by Fully Noded to connect over Tor.
  • Add and remove Tor V3 authentication authorized_clients, you can export the pubkey in the correct format from Fully Noded security center.

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