BlueWallet v6.5.0: Crash Detection on watchOS App & Fixes

BlueWallet is a non-custodial Bitcoin and Lightning wallet built with React Native and Electrum. Available on iOS, macOS and Android.

BlueWallet v6.5.0: Crash Detection on watchOS App & Fixes
  • Some users are still unhappy about BlueWallet's removal of Tor support.
"Tor was removed because the tor library is unmaintained. We couldn’t update Bluewallet source code to keep it secure. So keeping Tor was not an option. Using orbot or other alternatives works well," the wallet's developer said.

What's new

  • ADD: Crash detection on watchOS app (#6060)
  • FIX: Improve accessibility of floating buttons (scan, send, receive) #5389
  • FIX: add BQI locale
  • FIX: The create wallet screen is not working when I go back after create a wallet #6030
  • FIX: Update Widget code for BNR
  • FIX: Newly added Ron currency does not display correct value of transactions. #5940
  • FIX: showUpdateStatusIndicator was not working well when no connection available
  • FIX: SearchBar wasnt visible on Currency screen
  • REF: watchOS app code optimization
  • REF: Search moved to Reorder screen (#6037)

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