Fedi Bravo v1.15: Use Actual Funds, Fedi Mods & Fedi Fund

Fedi is the world's first glimpse of a Federated OS, a home for one's money, chat, and data.

Fedi Bravo v1.15: Use Actual Funds, Fedi Mods & Fedi Fund
  • "Join us on the next step of our journey! Fedi Bravo is live," announced Fedi.
"We are almost there for the big launch! But to make the app even better, we need your help. You're invited to be a part of this, so remember to give feedback! Let’s build together!"

What's new

  • Use real money. "Use actual funds within the app. We encourage you to tread carefully as you explore the new features."
  • Play with Fedi Mods. "Recognizing that every community has its unique challenges, we've embraced a decentralized approach to finding solutions. With Fedi Mods, developers can easily create and deploy custom features that interact with your money and data, making Fedi a more flexible and personalized experience."
    • "Join us on this journey as we develop Replit courses to guide you from a coding novice to a mod-making hero. Once you've crafted your mod, let us know at ask@fedi.xyz! We're curating a collection of stellar WebLN sites and Fedi Mods for everyone to enjoy."
  • Fedi Fund. "We're also excited to introduce the Fedi Fund – a grant designed to support 21 selected communities in creating their federations with our full support, covering hosting costs for a year."

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